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This User Interface is used to communicate with 2 BIBOX’s over Internet. For this, you will need 2 units of BIBOX ( TERN / SNIPE / HORNBILL) and 2 Devices having BISOFT application (android or PC). Here the data Reception and Transmission happens over the IOTx variable, where x represents 1,2,3,4….10.


      1.The Left part of the screen is for receiving data from 1st BIBOX.

      2.The right part of the screen is for sending data to 2nd BIBOX.

How to use:

      1.Type the Bluetooth MAC ID of BIBOX on the left part, from where you want the data to be received.

      2.Select the condition of the IOTx, in accordance to the data coming from this BIBOX.

      3.Type the Bluetooth MAC ID of BIBOX, on the right part, where you want the data to be sent.

      4.Select the IOTx variable and enter the value that needs to be sent to that BIBOX.

      5.Once the above setting has been done, then click on START button. You should see the connection to both the BIBOX’s happening with the connection plug icon turning GREEN.

      6.The process of communicating with both the BIBOX’s should work now.

Issues and resolution:

      1.Incase the website is not responding, then refresh the website or reload it again.

      2.Incase you do not see the data being received on the BIBOX, then check whether the Plotter on the BISOFT application is running and it should be continuously running.